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The roots of Islam and of the societies of the Near and Middle East reach back into the nomadic and pastoral Bedouin society. This book, BEDOUIN HERITAGE, will take the reader on a journey. On a journey back in time and into a world gone for ever. Today the life of the nomads is only alive in rudimentary form, but it still influences the Arab countries and the Arab sedentary mentality to a very great extant. Hence, anyone trying to study the situation of the Arab world and to understand the peculiarities of the Arab mentality and the distinguishing features of Arab life must return to the source of these traits and features in the desert and Bedouin life (Jabbur).

BEDOUIN HERITAGE will rely on a special rafiq, a companion on its desert travel to the Bedouins of Arabia: the horse. During the last two centuries it has made a triumphant advance around the world. Bonded together with its former master by a mutual love and the power of poetry, the horse was named after him: al-Arab.

This book will try to tell the story of this breed and its breeders with the help of numerous citations from authorities from many centuries, disciplines and origins from all over the world. It therefore presents the reader a unique perspective. A perspective also influenced by the profession of the author, an equine veterinary practitioner and breeder of Arabian horses in Germany.

Ya rakibin (“Oh rider”) - most of the odes and poetic verses of the Bedouins used this address to begin their eloquent speech. The reader is invited to follow this ancient motto and join this book into the past badu world “on back” of the amazing horse of the desert. And discover a fascinating cosmos of solidarity, manhood, simplicity, and hospitality in one of the most threatening circumstances of human life.

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