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15. March 2000 -2020
Ansata Amir Zaman x Maareesa

Dahmah Shahwaniah (Moheba I)         

Masud El Bediya 2005 by Mayid sold
Ashir El Bediya 2007 by Aton Pasha sold
Marouf El Bediya 2008 by Montasar died
Saffanah El Bediya 2009 by Safeen sold
Maheebah El Bediya 2010 by Safeen sold Saudi Arabia
Safiy El Bediya 2012 by Safeen sold  
Sameera El Bediya 2013 by Safeen
Marayah El Bediya 2014 by Safeen dead
Saleem El Bediya 2015 by Safeen sold
Majidah El Bediya 2016 by Safeen   

A mare of perfect character and dryness, type, with best movements and topline. Bred by the Seidlitz family. For photos and pedigree click on the picture below.


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