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6. April 1991 - 6. August 2009

Ansata Amir Zaman X Maareesa
Top Ten Mare Asil World Cup 2000. A very special mare of unreached expression and refinement and at the same time a very good riding mare and mother of beautiful foals.

Dahmah Shahwaniah (Moheba I)          

Marana 1996 by Montasar (dead)
Malik El Bediya 2003 by Authentic Ibn Nawaal sold
Ghazal El Bediya 2004 by Montasar died 2016
Colt 2005 by Montasar died with 4 days
Khuwey El Bediya 2006 by Montasar, our main stallion
Maseer El Bediya 2007 by Montasar sold
Rasheed El Bediya 2008 by Ibn Moheba sold
Rua El Bediya 2009 by Safeen


Ancestors and foals of Marqueesa:

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