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Many different views of God exist in our world. It seems difficult to find a universal answer. Different religions give different answers. They differ to such a degree that even wars have been fought. Also today many bloody conflicts are greatly influenced and exaggerated by different views of different groups. Unimaginable cruelties were and still are done to innocent victims in the name of God or of a religion or an ideology. Circles of violence and hatred are going on between people and nations, in our days. How can those be stopped? We have seen on this website one answer, the returning of the Messiah/al masih on a white Arabian horse from heaven. And to this hope for the future shall be added a proposal here for every person no matter what his or her background may be: 


From a religious understanding of God to the understanding of the heart of God, the heart of a father! The mother of all father-hearts!

The phenomenon of a father is known to all of us. Our fathers here on earth are only a insufficient reflection of our father in heaven, but still we all have some idea how a perfect father and a perfect mother should be. 

We all have one common father in heaven, who also is the creator of our world. A father who is mercyful and loving. A father who is forgiving without any conditions from his children´s side. A father who is yearning to embrace all of his children. Who is crying about the injustice and hardship we suffer in our lives. We can know this for sure.

How can we know? Because he has sent his firstborn son from heaven to tell us that. Jesus has shown us the father-heart of God through his words and teachings and also through his death on the cross and his resurrection. If you do not agree with my understanding of Jesus, it is OK. Hopefully you can still agree with my understanding of our father in heaven. His heart is the mother of all father-hearts. If we could all agree here, there would be no wars and bloody conflicts any more. We could all live as brothers and sisters of one father in peace.

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