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21. May 1995 - 11. February 2019
Masr El Dahman X Nagha
Koheilah Ajuzah Ibn Rodan

Naima El Bediya by Safeen 2009 died
Noor El Bediya by Safeen 2010 sold Oman
Nasheeta El Bediya by Safeen 2011
Seema El Bediya  by Safeen 2013 sold
Nadirah El Bediya by Safeen 2014 sold
Naseem El Bediya by Safeen 2015 sold

Nahzle, the last daughter of Nagha by Gharib, was a wonderful riding horse both in classical and western style. Size and substance, dressage-like movements, correctness and a very special character make up the qualities of her and her family. For more photos and pedigree click on the picture below.


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